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PRNX has extensive knowledge of all Federal cybersecurity and IT regulations and processes. We specialize in ensuring our clients maintain full NIST compliance while incorporating cloud-based AI and machine learning technologies to drastically reduce the time and cost of performing A&A tasks. Our corporate partnerships allow us to bundle complementary cybersecurity products and services to save money and speed up procurement. We map requirements to the right solution. We deliver a reliable, proven path for the cybersecurity solutions our clients need.


Learn more about our A&A process solution, CyberPX, here.

Big Data

PRNX understands that making data driven decisions has a positive impact on the success of an organization. We champion collecting and sharing data to make organizational improvements and accelerate performance. We partner with the leaders in big data so that our clients can realize the full power of the data at their fingertips.

Application Development

 PRNX develops applications that solve client problems. We build applications with features that are custom-tailored to our clients’ needs. These scalable, flexible, and interoperable applications can help operations and missions run safely, smoothly and efficiently.

Program Management & PMO Support

Our reputation is built on a history of delivering program management support and guidance to our clients. Pernix has been instrumental in helping organizations employ best practices from the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), and ISO 9001:2015. We help program management offices establish and mature business processes that put them on a path to mission success.

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